Health Care and IT to boost P2P lending by 2029

Healthcare, Information Technology and Communication services are expected to be the most promising sectors in the global stock market in 2024. Funding startups from these industries as early as this year could lead to a doubling of the P2P market by 2029.

At the end of 2023, the market capitalisation of the global stock market reached $111.2 trillion. Almost 50% of this amount is occupied by the US market with its S&P 500 index.

According to the S&P 500 EPS estimates for 2024, healthcare companies are the leaders in terms of profit increase. The main reason can probably be attributed to the launch of innovative medical products in the market. Next come the sectors of IT and Communication services. The explanation here is quite simple – the growing demand for the AI and Cybersecurity industries. 

"However, it is worth noting that EPS growth does not always mean growth in the market as a whole. In this case, we are talking exclusively about probable cash flows per share. Such movements do not always make investors evaluate companies in a positive way." - Robocash analysts comment on the statistics.

With gradual implementation of investment projects from these industries, the European P2P market could grow as much as 32% this year, another 57% in 2025 and eventually double around 2029. In such a scenario, business lending could surpass the consumer sector in 2028.

"Currently, the European P2P market mainly finances commercial projects such as real estate, green energy, agriculture, as well as quite exotic sectors involving, for example, winemaking or equestrian sports. We believe it has the potential to support project financing in other previously mentioned sectors, thereby getting an additional boost in demand volume. It is mainly about startups with low capitalisation in countries where AI or cybersecurity has the potential for significant development”. - the experts conclude.

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