From business to fields: P2P market peeks at agriculture

The share of "mixed" P2P platforms accounts for 55% of the European market. While consumer lending and business are leading the way by segment, agricultural platforms are actively gaining traction.

The segmental structure of the European P2P market has changed slightly from 2017 to the present, but the key roles have held their ground. 

The “mixed” P2P platforms covering consumer, business and real estate sectors remain leaders*. However,  compared to 2017, their investment volumes decreased by 12%.

The consumer and business segments round out the top three. “Business segment is predominantly featured by the highest volumes, but it is prone to large fluctuations. This is most likely caused by the seasonality factor”. - Robocash analysts comment.

In terms of average monthly growth, the agriculture & farming segment is developing quite steadily. In October 2020, it reached the maximum historical growth rate of over 300% compared to the previous month. "Overall volumes don't look impressive yet. P2P platforms, for the most part, tend to diversify to expand their investment opportunities. But it's definitely the beginning of an interesting path for the development of P2P lending in general". - specialists add.

* The study included 55 P2P platforms of Consumer Loans, Business Loans, Agriculture & Farming, and Real Estate Loans types with available statistics.

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