Higher GDP delivers more mature P2P market

70% of continental European P2P platforms are registered in countries with the largest economies in Europe by nominal GDP.

The top three leaders in the continental European P2P sector are France, Germany and Italy. Currently, 41% of P2P platforms are registered here. “
The high number of platforms in these countries reflects the size of the local economies, which are the largest on the continent.” - Robocash specialists comment on statistics. 

The second group is made up of the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Estonia. Almost 30% of the continental platforms belong to them. “Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain lag behind the leaders, again due to the smaller size of their national economies.” - platform specialists note. Interestingly, in Estonia, as well as other Baltic countries, the P2P industry development is ahead of the national economy. Many platforms here initially have a cross-border nature, that is, they are focused not only on the domestic market, and, as projects, are highly attractive among European investors”.

The third group is closed by countries that are not developed in terms of P2P due to legislative restrictions and other reasons. This includes Poland, Romania and Türkiye.

In total, 424 European P2P platforms from 30 European countries were included in the sample. The sample does not pretend to be a complete representation of all companies operating in the P2P industry in continental Europe, but it looks quite sufficient to state the main conclusions on the geographical situation on the market.

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