The European P2P market embraces half of the world

Investments from continental Europe work in 112 countries of the world. On the continent, Spain ranks first as an investment-attractive сountry. Outside of Europe, the United States leads the way.

According to the latest research of the Robocash platform, the funds of European investors work much more widely than where they are directly attracted. 

Among European countries, the leader in demand for foreign P2P platforms is Spain. More than 50% of the companies operating here are registered in other countries. 

10% of the analyzed European P2P platforms offer loans from 72 countries outside of Europe. “It is curious that compared to 2021, the percentage of such platforms of the total sample did not change much. At the same time, the focus has shifted from the consumer segment to business lending, and to a greater extent to sustainability, green energy and similar projects.” - Robocash specialists comment on the statistics.  

The United States is the leader in terms of P2P platforms that operate worldwide (14 in total). In second place are the Philippines and Kazakhstan (10 platforms each). 

It is noteworthy that some countries – for example, China, Argentina, etc. – being significant on the global economic background, do not yet fall into the scope of the European P2P business at all.

In total, 424 European P2P platforms from 30 European countries were included in the study sample.

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