P2P investors confirm their interest in ESG

More than half of the surveyed investors pay attention to ESG policies when choosing a P2P platform. Almost one in four invest in “green” platforms.

Robo.cash conducted a survey among European P2P investors about the importance of ESG in investing. The idea was to find out how their opinion on the topic has changed since last year.

The survey showed that investor attitudes towards ESG initiatives vary widely. 

The percentage of those who consider the impact of the ESG policy on investment as positive has slightly increased (+1.3% compared to 2022). On the other hand, the number of those who see more negative aspects has grown as well (from 2.8% to 6.0%).

The share of investors who pay attention to the ESG policy when choosing a P2P platform remained unchanged (52%). However, the share of those who do not take this criterion into account increased (from 40 to 44%).

In general, the awareness of the topic is growing. 56% of respondents noted that ESG initiatives of P2P platforms can become an incentive for investment (last year there were 53%). As the most important areas of influence, climate and resources continue to lead.

26% of respondents said they invest in “green” P2P platforms. It is noteworthy that during a recent analysis of the European continental P2P landscape, Robo.cash experts found that 23% of the entire business segment was focused exclusively on work in the areas of Green Energy, Ecology, ESG, Sustainability.

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