taps into Asian fintech boom sees strong potential for the Asian fintech market, which is already setting certain trends. The parent holding of the platform plans to focus on digital banking direction.

At the Finfellas P2P conference in Riga, the investment platform presented the prospects for the Asian fintech market, thereby revealing plans of its parent company Robocash Group. 

The main drivers of market growth are technologically savvy population, a low level of financial inclusion and the presence of a regional hub in Singapore. “There are also other factors, such as strong state support, the income level and debt burden of the population, and the pandemic that boosted digital technologies”. - noted speaker Anastasia Palamarchuk, Lead IR platform specialist. highlights 6 actively growing market segments.


Among them are alternative online loans, e-commerce and MSME lending. The importance of the latter is confirmed by the fact that in 2020 they accounted for 97% of all enterprises in the region and produced 40.5% of the regional GDP. 

Robocash Group sees positive opportunities in the digital banking sector. "We are focused on developing the Una ecosystem. The ecosystem covers a variety of services from loans to cross-border transfers. As global digitalization advances, banking and brokerage services have become a valuable asset for organizations." - the speaker comments. Cashless payments adoption in Southeast Asia has reached an impressive level of 93% and e-wallets are also gaining popularity. In the Philippines, for example, by the end of 2022, about 50% of the total population are their active users.

For European investors, the Asian region can offer both direct investments, as well as shares of promising regional stock market players. Another option is to participate in local fintech projects through intermediaries. "As practice shows, European P2P platforms can work quite successfully here. And is just one of them." - Anastasia finalizes the presentation.

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