The continental European P2P market to grow by 20% in 2024 forecasts that the P2P lending market in continental Europe will reach 579.2 M euros in December 2024. The main trends for the coming year include elevated market polarization, entry into new geographies and expansion of investor opportunities.

On the back of the current market growth and in the absence of serious socio-economic factors, the European P2P market promises to continue its steady expansion. By the end of 2024, the industry volume could increase by 34.7%. The average annual market growth rate from 2021 to 2024 is estimated at 22.6%.

The process of market polarization promises to accelerate next year. "Leaders will continue to strengthen their positions, and newcomers will have to try hard to catch up with them," analysts comment. "The highly specialized P2P segments (environmental, marine, agriculture and farming) that are becoming increasingly popular in Europe may gain influence, but again, given the absence of any macroeconomic shocks."

In the new year, the portfolio of a European P2P investor has all chances to get more options for geographical diversification. Many multi-country P2P projects, in response to limited investor demand and growing competition, are trying to attract clients with interesting products from destinations that are still exotic for the European market. These include Sri Lanka, Colombia, South Africa, Mexico, Jordan, Tanzania and Nigeria.

The list of investment products is set to expand as well. Loans secured by real estate, access to corporate bonds, etc. may be added to already widely available notes. 

"Overall, due to the high degree of uncertainty in the European investment market, the variability of short-term P2P investments promises to grow, while long-term investments will increase in yield to offset possible risks," - the experts summarize.

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