Asia-Pacific emerges as the next P2P hotspot

The P2P market in Asia Pacific is expected to increase at an average CAGR of 27.5% to reach $214 billion by 2030. The region directs its efforts on regulating the industry, which can create a favorable environment for investors.

Robo.Cash analyzed search queries related to P2P investments and identified the regions with the fastest growing demand among new investors. 

Currently, North America has the largest share of the P2P market. The EU and the UK are in second place. "Individuals and businesses are increasingly adopting P2P lending and investing methods because of their convenience, ease of access and more favorable terms for both borrowers and investors." – the analysts comment. 

However, demand for P2P investments in these regions has declined over the past year. The main reason for the decrease is the growth of alternative asset classes, especially cryptocurrency investments, which more than doubled in 2023 compared to 2022.

The Asia-Pacific region is predicted to remain one of the most attractive P2P markets. Since October 2022, the average monthly search volume according to Google ads here has increased by 38%. Growing digitalization and government support are some of the key drivers for alternative lending in the region. "In the absence of major destabilizing events, the P2P lending market in Asia-Pacific could grow to $214 billion by 2030, and its share of the global market size could reach 37%," – the analysts add.

The Middle East and North Africa and Latin America round out the top 5. Despite possible growth prospects, the demand for P2P investments here is relatively low compared to other regions.

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