60% of European investors learn to manage finances on their own

A survey by the European P2P platform Robo.cash showed that 60.4% of P2P investors gain knowledge in finance on their own. In overall, 89.2% of respondents have some form of financial background, which allows them to make informed investment decisions independently.

According to the survey conducted by the P2P investment platform Robo.cash, 89.2% of investors have knowledge in finance. Among them, 60.4% educated themselves, 8.9% studied finance at university and 7.7% work in this field. Another 3.8% of respondents received financial advice from professionals. Only 10.8% of respondents claimed having no financial background at all.

Analysts of the company point out that the level of financial literacy among the P2P investors is rather high. According to S&P findings, the share of adult population in Europe having a basic understanding of financial concepts amounts to 52%. The highest literacy rates in Europe are seen in its northern part - 65%. At the global level, only 1 out of 3 adults are considered to be financially literate. 

The high degree of financial awareness of investors is observed in their tendency to diversify risks. Thus, 31.8% of respondents mentioned distributing funds between two to four P2P platforms, and 63.6% invest on five or more platforms.

Understanding finance allows P2P investors to manage funds and make investment decisions without any assistance, as was mentioned by 55% of respondents. It also makes them more confident in investing bigger amounts - 50% of investors said that they allocated over 5,000 on P2P platforms last year, while only 15.8% invested less than 1,000.