Investment tactics in the P2P lending

According to the study on the behavior of investors of the European P2P platform, the investment tactics in the P2P lending: the actual volume of investment, the quantity and size of deposits and withdrawals of funds from the platform, directly correlates with the age of a particular investor, as well as the level of trust in the investment site.

To reveal the behaviour patterns, the Analytical Center of the platform studied experience of its investors with an investment history of more than 2 months.

According to the received results, investors of the age group 18-24 years old usually deposit ca. €200 at a time and rarely withdraw funds. The maximum input size is characteristic of the older age groups: the average deposit of investors of 35-44 years old is equal to €879 and for those who are older than 45 years old is €838. At the same time, these groups have the approximately equal number of made deposits and withdrawals. Then, the Millennials of 25-34 years old invest about €679 on average making frequent inputs in comparison to the younger age group. It is noteworthy that all age groups usually withdraw about 9-10% of the average amount of investments. Except for the younger investors, representatives of other groups made on average 2 withdrawal requests.

With regard to the size of investments, the biggest deposits and withdrawals are made by investors having the maximum portfolio size. The second place with a lower frequency of assets input is taken by those who invested €5.000-€9.999 in total. Investors with a portfolio of less than €5.000 have half the quantity of deposits made. At the same time, they make it small in size but often. The "beginning" investors either keep an eye on the platform or have a small sum of free funds: their portfolio does not exceed €1.000 and usually, they deposit ca. €200 and withdraw €50-60 at a time.

In general, the detailed study on the statistics of the platform confirms the idea that investors' behaviour differs only partially. As a rule, it corresponds to certain psychological types of investors. The investment period and interest rates are not taken into account here since the history of inputs and withdrawals with the sum of investments made and the age of investors are enough.

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