Official statement of Founder on the current situation

As today, most countries of the world have been exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic, this has led to uncertainties in the economy and raised many questions among investors. Given this, we would like to address the situation and provide an update on what impact it is having on our business.

To start with, I would like to note that the epidemic has not influenced the working process at Robocash Group, the parent company of our P2P platform. Despite the fact that the majority of our employees are now working remotely, they continue performing their functions with the 100% efficiency. 

Concerning the business performance in individual countries, our companies in Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Kazakhstan, where the number of coronavirus cases is relatively low, keep working at the same pace and maintain the growth.

However, we have to admit that there has been a slowdown in the issuance volumes and customer demand in India this month, which has introduced the quarantine regime in at least 80 cities. As the people tend to spend less money now, the demand for short-term loans in the country has decreased.

A different picture is observed in Spain. The number of new customers of our lending service has increased by nearly 40% in March compared to the same period last month. Nevertheless, the volume of loans it has granted this month has decreased by 0.5% driven by a stricter borrower selection. Ensuring the high-precision scoring of customers has always been a priority for us, but it is even more important now. Such an approach has allowed us to keep the rate of non-performing loans at an acceptable level so far. 

Another significant aspect of risk management is keeping the performance of loan originators under control. As all of them are a part of the group, we have an opportunity to closely monitor their operation and take necessary measures in advance.

Depending on how the epidemic develops in the countries of our footprint, we may expect some slowdown in our growth, but we believe that this will be a temporary effect. We have big plans to develop in the existing and expand in the new markets this year and hope that investors will keep supporting us towards this goal. From our side, we still ensure the security of all investments on providing 100% buyback guarantee for consumer loans and a group guarantee for commercial loans.    

I wish you to always make the right decisions and stay safe! 


Sergey Sedov,

Founder & CEO Robocash Group


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