The volume of funded loans on reaches €150 mln

A month ago, the European P2P platform announced that the number of its investors reached 10,000. In March, it achieved a new milestone - the volume of loans financed through the platform increased to €150 million in total.

The achievement of this milestone was accelerated by the recent introduction of new loan originators on the platform. Seeing the continuous increase in investor demand at the end of last year, integrated with a Singapore-based holding company of Robocash Group, which offers commercial loans designed to support the business of the group in Southeast Asia. At the beginning of March, the platform introduced another loan originator -  LLP MFI Tez Finance from Kazakhstan, providing short-term consumer loans. Since the integration, the new loan originators have placed 5.7 mln worth of loans on the platform, which has allowed it to satisfy investor demand.

Sergey Sedov, CEO Robocash Group, has commented on the current situation and plans on the further development of the platform: “Despite the challenging circumstances in the financial markets and certain unrest among investors, we continue our activities. operates within the financially stable and profitable holding Robocash Group. Our lending volumes still maintain the growth, although there has been a slight slowdown in individual markets in March due to the quarantine, which resulted in lower borrower demand. Nevertheless, we have big plans to grow and enter new markets this year and hope that investors will keep supporting us in this direction. In our turn, we still secure their investments with a 100% buyback guarantee and a group guarantee in case of commercial loans.”

Since the launch of in 2017, the number of  loans financed by its users has amounted to 1.57 mln. In total, investors have earned 1.62 mln.

Robocash d.o.o (“Robocash”) is a company registered in the Republic of Croatia under registration No. 081224371, with legal address at Petračiceva 4, Zagreb, Croatia, 10110.

Robocash is not regulated under any financial services license. When you invest on Robocash, you buy claim rights for loan receivables and investments in loan receivables are subject to risks. We advise diversifying investments and carefully evaluating the risks.