P2P Conference in Riga: How it was

The P2P conference is over, and our team members Nadezhda Vlasenko and Anastasia Palamarchuk shared how it went. 

 What was it about? Finfellas is Europe's flagship P2P investment, crowdfunding & fintech event that took place in Riga on June 1-2. It brought together platforms, influencers, investors and fintech companies to communicate face to face, share their experience and feedback, and learn something new. Fintech in Asia 

Anastasia Palamarchuk, our Lead investor relations specialist, gave a speech on the big prospects of fintech in Asia. We talked about what drives fintech development in the region, how Robocash Group hops on the trends, and what investment opportunities the Europeans have there. 

The speech received very positive reactions, so stay tuned for the recap! 


We also had a chance to talk to our investors and influencers and get valuable feedback. You might even see the results of it in the next few months.

If you didn’t attend the conference but still have something to propose, you can always send your ideas to [email protected].

It was a great experience for Robo.cash, and we hope to meet more of our investors in the next Finfellas conference! 

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