The European P2P-lending investor

According to the results of the study on the portrait of a European investor conducted by experts of the automated P2P platform ROBO.CASH, modern P2P lending platforms are becoming an attractive investment tool for the young generation of investors.


As the statistics of the P2P-service shows, the growth of the alternative credit market is determined by the increasing number of new investors rather than the readiness of experienced investors to invest more. At the same time the portrait of an average European continental investor is getting “younger”: 52.2% of investors of the platform is the mature youth of 25-34 years old that is pushing 34.8% of the experienced generation of investors over 45 years old aside. There are fewer investors in the age of 18-24 (7.6%) and 35-44 (5.4%) years old.


The rising engagement of the youth interested in cinema, literature and travel, rather than finance, is explained by strengthening positions of the European P2P platforms of the “new wave”, which are becoming a popular tool for additional earnings among young people thanks to automated investments, buyback guarantees and interest rates over 12%.




At the same time, regardless the age, 80.5% of investors prefer solving financial issues via a computer, rather than a smartphone (13.7%) or a tablet (5.8%). However, there is an increase of using mobile services due to growing population mobility and platforms automation.



49,8% of investors of the Р2Р-platform are the citizens of Germany. The top position is determined by the country’s central geographical location in Europe and the rich experience allowing to introduce new P2P products faster and in larger volumes. At the second place are investors from Spain - 9.3%, and the Latvians are at the third - 6.9%.



With regard to the gender distribution, women make up a fifth (19.5%) part of investors in Of course, it is not China with 42% recorded, but the trend of P2P investments getting widespread is obvious.

 “The research results confirm the tendency among the younger generation of investors to use automated online services with a simple portfolio management. The 25-34-year-old generation of Millennials is stepping up with using FinTech and upholds its position in the field of P2P lending due to the inherent openness to advanced financial technologies and new information with the high speed of information exchange,” - said the founder of the platform Sergey Sedov.

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