Back accumulates 15 mln euro of investment

We have crossed the milestone of 15 mln euro of attracted investment in March. The achievement was preceded by ongoing growth throughout the last 6 months. 

In the past 6 months, platform has experienced significant growth and set several records. Namely, the platform has attracted 1.6 mln euro in March alone, which corresponds with the accelerated pace of the investment observed since last year. In Q1 2021, the net deposits on grew by 46% QoQ, and the number of new investors skyrocketed, gaining 139% QoQ. The influx of new users and increased net deposits are signs of P2P investment gaining more popularity and trust.

“We have been observing a shift in the values of P2P investors in the past months,” comments Sergey Sedov, CEO and Founder of platform. “P2P was initially seen as a high-risk investment with big returns. However, during the crisis last year, some platforms set it as their priority to build trust with their investors and lower risks for investors, and these platforms are now amongst the winners of the crisis. Building clear and efficient communication with investors is the key here. Meanwhile, audited financial reports of the loan originators or the platform itself are probably the best proof that it is solid. After publishing our audited financial statements in Q3 2020, the amount of loans funded through the platform has grown by 27%  QoQ by Q1 2021. We see changes in the industry and stay responsive to them to keep growing.”

In 2021 alone,  plans to attract 13 mln euro of investment, which is an ambitious target but achievable, seeing the ongoing tendency.