Summary of the webcast from May 11

On May 11, we held a webcast on Robocash Group's new audited financial statements for 2021-2022. Natalya Ischenko, CEO of Robocash Group, also spoke about the platform's first results for 2023 and shared the Group's immediate plans.

You can watch the recording of the webcast at the link below. 



New milestones in Q1 2023:

  • 30,000 investors in total
  • €600 M loans purchased

Loan supply

We are currently considering launching new products in existing and new markets. Our standards require a market analysis, therefore, we have temporarily reduced the amount of funding from the platform. It is expected that the current level of the loan supply will continue for at least the next two months”. - Natalya commented on the situation with the loan volume.


Robocash Group has recently shared the audited special purpose consolidated financial statements for 2021-2022.

The new report features Robocash PTE LTD and its subsidiaries located in Central Asia, Europe and Asia Pacific Region. “Zaymer RU is not included in the reporting figures anymore”, added Natalya.

Achievements of Q1 2023

  • The Group received three awards: Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore (Straits Times), Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in APAC (Financial Times) and Best Financial Services Firm 2023 - Eurasia (APAC Insider).
  • Zaimer Kazakhstan leads the industry, exceeding the sales target by 123%.
  • Digido (the Philippines) sees a 40% increase in loan volume YoY.
  • Sri-Lanka scales loan issuance by 17% QoQ.

In 2023, the Group is going to implement a pool of projects. “These projects are aimed at diversifying our business, improving the technological effectiveness of product scaling and improving the ecosystem of services”, noted Natalya.


Below you can find the main questions covered in the meeting. If you didn't find the answer to your question, watch the full webcast recording.


Why are there two different results for 2021 with the two auditors?

Previous reporting, including for FY 2021, was conducted under the combined perimeter of the Group and included companies that were not subsidiaries of Robocash PTE LTD.

The difference in reporting comes from the fact that the financial results are now presented within a consolidated perimeter. It comprises headquarter company Robocash PTE LTD and its subsidiaries located only in Central Asia, Europe & Asia Pacific. 

What is the past and/or current relationship with Zaymer? What caused the change?

Zaymer isn’t a part of Robocash Group, even though it used to be included in the combined financial statements. Last year, the Group’s management made a decision that Zaymer will remain working in the local market independently from the holding and its subsidiaries. Robocash Group will be strengthening its footprint in Asia Pacific and expanding in the other regions of the world.   

Were the related loans revoked from the platform?

Zaymer does not place loans on the platform, so such changes will not affect Robocash investors in any way.

SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) – full financial transparency 2021, 2022, 1Q/2023 and transparency about bad debts, late loans etc.

SPV is one of the companies of the Group, but it’s not the whole Group itself. The SPV is LLC RC Riga, it’s one of the companies included in the new financial statements. As it is not a lending company, such things as late loans or default loans are not applicable to it. 

When you invest in one of the RC Riga loan originators, you essentially invest in the business of Robocash Group in the named regions (for example, RC Riga Kazakhstan for the Group’s business in Kazakhstan). We publish updates on the loan originators regularly, and there we disclose some figures and statistics related to each loan originator.

How does the SPV guarantee work?

Investors’ money on are protected on two levels: the Buyback guarantee and the Group guarantee. The Buyback guarantee ensures that you get your money back even in case the borrower doesn’t return it and is mostly applicable to consumer loans.

The Group guarantee is a mechanism that allows the holding to cover the expenses in case one of the loan originators can’t return money to investors for some reason. It can also be applied for the loan originators working in partnership with the SPV RC Riga. To ensure that investors get their money back in any situation, the Group’s companies can use its capital to return the debt to investors.

Would Zaymer help if SPV is in trouble? 

Zaymer is not part of Robocash Group, so it can’t participate in the Group’s capital and cover its obligations. However, the audited financial results confirm that the Group has liquid reserves to cover all investments on the platform. 

The Company manages liquidity on a day-to-day basis and also monitors the distribution of long-term and short-term liabilities so that there is no liquidity gap.

Is it possible to have financial reports for Loan originators separately? For Robocash platform only as well? Do you know when it will be available?

When the Group transitions into a public company, detailed financial reports of all Loan originators will be made available to everyone. Regarding the timing, we plan to do it next year.

Until then, we will have to keep the full information private.

How can we check that Robocash still has more assets than liabilities?

The recently published financial statements show the total assets of 113 million dollars, and total liabilities of 103 million dollars. You can find the reports on the website of Robocash Group. The statements have been audited by the Big ten company Grant Thornton, so they are very credible.


Is a change in rates to be expected this year?

It is very likely that the rates will change during the year, depending on the holding’s needs, situation on the market and other things. 

Where is the graphic overhaul of your web interface?

We have plans to update the account design, but right now we do not prioritise this task. However, we are still making small improvements to the interface, especially for the personal account. 

Where is the development of your mobile application?

We are not developing a mobile app at the moment, and it is unlikely that we will launch one this year. 

Are you planning a new Loan Originator soon?

At the moment, the new projects of the holding are at the infancy stage, so we do not plan to add any new originators in the near future. 

What is your vision for the platform in the short, medium and long term? 

In the short term, the platform’s main focus has switched from bringing investments to the Group to improving the service quality. We’re working on many processes aimed at strengthening the platform’s AML policies, account and funds security, support service, etc. 

The platform is an important funding source for Robocash Group, so there are no plans to change it in any way. All obligations to investors are and will be fulfilled. 

In the future, we plan to develop the platform to provide a higher level of service to investors and stay a competitive player in the market. 

The presentation for the webcast can be found here. The webcast recording is available on our YouTube channel. 


If you have any questions about your account or need help with the investment process, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist.

See you at our next webcast!

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