Summary of the webcast from September 5

On September 5, we held a webcast where we talked about business results and growth plans, and answered your burning questions.

You can watch the recording of the webcast at the link below.



  • In H1 2023, investor earnings almost doubled compared to H1 2022;
  • Limited supply slowed investor base growth;
  • The platform launched a new income feature.
  • In H2 2023, the platform's main priorities will be launching a new product line and improving UX design.


  • The Group exceeded its loan issuance target by 32%;
  • The Group launched POS (point-of-sales) services in the Philippines;
  • Creditors from Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan outperformed the net profit target by 12% and 41%.
  • The Group's immediate plans include launch of new projects in Mexico and Uzbekistan and holding company transformation.



Below you can find the main questions covered in the meeting. If you didn't find the answer to your question, watch the full webcast recording.


Overall, how are the main operating KPIs going in terms of non-performing loans, etc of the Robocash Group (ex-Russia)? 

To assess the quality of borrowers, we constantly monitor the proportion of overdue loans. At the group level, the average share of overdue loans throughout the first half of this year was 12% FPD 30+ (first payment default) which is acceptable for the market. We measure the default rate using DPD 90+ (90 days past due). Now, we generally maintain it at around 13%. 

We also monitor the share of returned funds in the total open portfolio volume. Thus, the average recovery rate is now 15.3%, which is also within the model of the operated business. 

How many countries are funded by the RC Riga Singapore and what are the best performing countries? 

The Singapore loan originator is raising funds for business development in general, more South East Asian countries, as well as new product launches. Among the operating countries, the Philippines has a fairly solid performance in 2023.

It seems the business in the Philippines is growing with additional loans launched on the platform. How is the Robocash Group going in that country in terms of the main KPIs?

Since the beginning of the year, the Philippines has exceeded the net profit target by improving the economic performance of the portfolio. In terms of default risks, we maintain the project's FPD 30+ at 14%. The Recovery Rate is about 18%. The current indicators are within the average values. 


They were plans to get a step in Africa and Latin America, where do we stand now?

At the moment, we have finished analyzing the market, done all the necessary preliminary work and are nearly ready to launch in Latin America, targeting the fourth quarter of this year or early 2024. Our plans for Africa remain on track, but here we are talking more about mid-2024.

I heard that you have launched another company in Kazakhstan, The Creditbar. Is this a new originator?

This is a recently launched lending service in Kazakhstan. 

The Group has a strong presence in the country, with an average 30% market share. With the launch of CreditBar, an online consumer lending service, the share is expected to surge even further and attract more customers. The company has enough capital to develop on its own, so we don’t plan to integrate it on the platform in the near future.

In 2020, the possibility of an IPO was discussed, and then nothing. Is that still something considered ?

The Group is currently evaluating various investment opportunities, including the possibility of an IPO. However, before making any decisions, there are internal preparations that need to be completed. It's worth noting that the Group's reserves are sufficient at this time to support development without pursuing an IPO.



Could you explain more transparently why you list a certain volume of loans or not?

We set an average loan volume for each month based on the number of closed loans for the previous month and demand dynamics. For the most part, the creditors regulate this supply volume. Depending on how their plans are performing, they may increase or decrease the number of new loans. 

When will we see more volume on Robocash? 

As soon as we are ready to launch new products, we will increase the volume.

We are also considering to integrate POS loans from the Philippines on the platform, but not in large amounts.

Are you still listing loans at the moment? If so, on which maturities and which volumes per maturity?

We continue to place loans of different maturities on a regular basis several times a week. Loans are distributed randomly, which makes many investors feel short of a loan. In the current conditions, we recommend to expand the portfolio settings by loan maturity, rate range and creditors to have more investment opportunities. 

Any comments about cashdrag?

We're aware of the situation with cashdrag, and this is a necessary decision to keep our business balanced. We periodically give updates on the loan volume in different channels so that investors can adapt their portfolios to the current conditions. 

Do you anticipate an uptick in loan availability for the fourth quarter of 2023?

With the launch and development of new projects, we can expect an increase in supply in the fourth quarter, but not a significant one yet. As new projects strengthen and grow, the volume will also increase.


Why did you downgrade the loyalty program?

We've had a few questions about the loyalty program. I would like to point out that this decision was not easy for us. 

Working within the same holding is both our advantage and a certain barrier. You know that the platform raises funds for business development. The high cost of raising funds may become uneconomical for the group's creditors, so they will need to explore alternative ways to attract money. By cutting the loyalty program, we can reduce the cost of acquisition, which is the most effective way to optimize expenses at the current moment without impacting all users.

Any plans for a better loyalty program?

The latest changes to the program went into effect recently. We will monitor how the program is working and then decide whether to extend it as it is now or to revise the conditions.


What is your outlook for investors in 2024?

The holding company has big plans and we hope that as we realize them, the platform will also grow and reach new milestones in 2024. We expect to continue to work on improving the platform functionality, expand investment opportunities for investors both in terms of products and strategies, and finalize the redesign of the website. In short, there is a lot to do.

What are the future plans on increasing interest rates?

There are no such plans yet. At the moment, the average rate on the platform is 10.1%, while according to recent studies, the European p2p market offers an average of 10.4% for all types of loans. High interest rates are not always a good thing. We try to stick to average market rates, while maintaining a balance between income and risk for investors. 

Seeing the number of French speakers on the platform, I am surprised that this language is still not proposed. Any reason ?

Adding French localization has been in our pipeline for some time. We are looking for various options to organize the translation process of all our communication channels.

A mobile app has been discussed a few times but still not launched, any news ?

We see that there is a need for an app, but it is not a priority for us at the moment. First, we would like to finish the redesign of the website, and then move on to the task with the app.

You talk a lot about technical optimization, what exactly do you do now?

We optimized the speed of the website, connected new telephony for customer service. We are also gradually processing requests from investors to improve certain features in the personal account. These are mainly some wording, the logic of calculations and, in a rare case, visual components, as we still want to start more global work on the website redesigning.

I think RC does not propose loans from Sri Lanka, when can we expect them to come back ?

The project from Sri Lanka shows systematic growth, the quality of the client base is improving. At the moment, the platform has raised enough funds for the current stage of its development and it doesn’t require additional funding. So far we can’t indicate a specific time frame when the creditor will reappear on the platform, it depends on its further expansion plans. 

In your opinion, under current conditions, why should we continue to maintain our funds on Robocash (if they are not 100% invested)?

Since the beginning of this year we have reduced the supply of loans for a number of reasons and many investors have experienced the consequences of this. 

Over the 6 years of its operation, the platform has established itself as a reliable source of income and remains this way despite lower volumes. The buyback guarantee is always honored on time, and the secondary market works smoothly. We have earned the trust of over 30 thousand investors. 

We realize that the P2P market is highly competitive and every platform is trying to offer the most profitable conditions for investors. Platform users in turn are guided by their financial goals and depending on this decide to leave or stay. 

We respect everyone's opinion and will always be happy to help you achieve your goals together. 

The presentation for the webcast can be found here. The webcast recording is available on our YouTube channel. 


See you at our next webcast!

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