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How can I deposit money to my account balance?

To deposit and withdraw funds, you need to have a personal bank account in the European Union, Switzerland or the United Kingdom in EUR currency.

1. Open the “Add funds” page in your Robocash account.

2. Go to your bank application or website, log in and initiate a money transfer by bank details.

3. Use the details provided in your Robocash account to fill in the fields in your bank.

It is crucial that you provide your Robocash id when you send the transfer. You can use fields "Payment purpose" or "Comment", "Text", "Transit number" depending on your bank interface. 

Another important thing is indicating the recipient correctly. “Recipient” is the company that you want to send the money to, in this case it’s "Robocash d.o.o.". It can also appear as "Account holder", "Account owner", "Beneficiary", "Receiver" and similar words in your bank application. Some banks won't let you use dots in this field, so writing "Robocash d o o" is acceptable in this case. 

Please be careful when you fill in the payment details, otherwise your transfer may not go through and will return to your bank.

To the right is an example of a perfect transfer in a bank app. 

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