2022 optimal investment portfolio to yield 13.7%

A portfolio with an optimal risk-return ratio by the end of 2022 could yield 13.7%. Its largest share is occupied by P2P lending.

In their latest study, Robocash investment platform analysts presented the optimal asset distribution* in the investor's portfolio with the balance of risk and reward. To сompile a forecast for 2022, the best extrapolations of assets were taken using the Hodrick-Prescott filter.

Thus, the first place among other instruments is occupied by P2P investments (35%). “P2P lending fits into the acceptable risk level and offers higher returns than deposits and bonds”. - platform specialists comment.

Bonds come second (23%), and ETF & REIT occupy the  third place (17%). Cryptocurrency and futures account for the smallest share among all assets (7% each). 

With this asset allocation, portfolio risk could potentially be 11%. For comparison, the so-called aggressive approach with a focus on maximum return involves investing in 100% risky assets, while the conservative strategy with the lowest income is backed by 90% risk-free instruments.

According to our calculations, the optimal portfolio consists of 42% of risky assets and 58% of low-risk assets. In this case, some instruments can balance out the fall of others, thereby increasing the total portfolio return and minimizing the likelihood of losses”. - experts sum up their research.

* - futures, P2P lending, stocks, bonds, currency, bank deposits, cryptocurrency and investment funds were considered as the main assets.


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