European P2P platforms are going through adolescence

The continental European market of consumer and business lending is in its "young" stage of development. platform analysts have defined the life cycles of P2P platforms in terms of their behavior patterns and growth vector.

The specialists took the Adizes 10-step model as the basis for analyzing the development cycle of P2P companies. To select platforms, they took into account a number of characteristics: available statistics, operation in the segments of consumer and business loans, work with individuals, offering investment in euros, registration in continental Europe. Monthly volumes of attracted investments were set as indicators of one or another stage. A total of 37 European P2P platforms took part in the study.

According to the analysis, most of the continental P2P platforms are quite mature players with at least two years of work. However, recently, despite the external economic turbulence, new names have appeared on the market. 24% of the platforms analyzed started their activities in 2020-2022. “The market is highly competitive and new players have a hard time. But the age of the company is not a defining indicator. An important point here is the focus on growth, which many platforms have shown for a long time”. - platform analysts comment.

The average value of all considered platforms corresponds to the phase of adolescence, that is, they are still developing, but more established and defined. The consumer segment is developing at a faster pace, which is due to the high demand of the population for affordable loans - both in Europe itself and in the developing countries of the rest of the world. Greater availability and security of investments also play an important role here.

“In general, most platforms are actively increasing their volumes. Thus, the market confirms its reputation as highly promising”. - experts add.

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