The Baltics sets a favorable start for P2P platforms

Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria have optimal conditions for fast and reliable development of P2P lending. Croatian and French platforms show the most stable growth, but have a small market share.

Robocash platform specialists analyzed 49 European P2P platforms of Consumer, Business and Real Estate segments from 18 countries with available statistics.

In terms of market volume, the first place is occupied by the Baltic states, which own 43% of the surveyed P2P platforms. "The region took interest in the market in 2016. With the growing imbalance between the available funds of Western European investors and the presence of a large number of "Eastern" projects that need money, here began the active development of the P2P sector." - Robocash platform analysts comment on the statistics.

The Netherlands, Ireland and the UK also stand out among the analyzed platforms with a share of 8.2% each. "The UK was the "pioneer" of the European P2P market, which explains its high share. But the Baltic platforms with their liberal regulation have gradually displaced the UK from the leadership pedestal," - the analysts add - "Platforms in the Netherlands also faced regulatory hurdles in the early stages of development, but the market is gaining popularity among P2P investors”. 

In terms of stability and the development rate, Latvia and Estonia are also leaders. "On average, the platforms of these countries need 3.5 years to achieve key indicators and at the same time their monthly values are characterized by low fluctuations." - the experts explain the statistics. Following the top three is Bulgaria, which has recently demonstrated increased market growth rates in many directions.

It is worth noting that France performs best in terms of stable growth figures, although P2P platforms here need more time to reach key milestones. According to last year's research, Croatian companies are showing steady development, most likely due to the loyal national legislation. But in terms of volume, they still have a small share of the market.

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