Closing November with New Milestones

November brought us new advances. We reached the mark of 35,000 investors and total investor earnings crossed the €20M milestone. Let's take a glance at the month's key numbers.

We've also prepared some new market research that you, as a P2P guru, will definitely find worth reading.

P2P perspectives across regions

With a rapidly growing population of tech-savvy consumers, the Asia-Pacific market is emerging as the next hotspot for P2P lending. Read what other regions have in store here.

Investment markets performance in 2023

The global market is slowly recovering and investors are getting more and more focused on diversification strategies. In a new study, we've outlined how different assets are behaving in 2023 and what you can expect from them in the near future.

Warming up the competition

While assets are vying for yield supremacy, there is growing competition between key segments in the P2P market. In this article, we detailed what trends the segments are seeing and where the competition is most intense.

For those who joined us not too long ago, we've released three video tutorials on account. Take a couple minutes to navigate the Summary page even better and learn about the basic features of the “Invest” and  "My Investments" sections.

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