Farewell to 2023 - Highlights from December

December must have been active for you, but it was rather quiet for Robocash. Let's sum up the results of the last month of 2023.

Track your progress with the new report

You can now enjoy monthly statistics on your investments. Just subscribe to the new report on the profile page. The format is similar to the daily and weekly notifications you may already receive via email.


The P2P market doesn't stand still

As usual, we've carried out and put together the latest industry research for you.

P2P market forecasts for 2024

In 2024, the P2P market is expected to develop smoothly and with it the trends that have already emerged. What does the industry have in store for the new year? Read in a new article.

Europeans embrace higher risk opportunities

Over the past 10 years, Europeans' assets have grown by 50% and their portfolios have undergone some interesting changes. Here we’ve detailed which assets are increasingly favored in Europe. 

Understanding the patterns of P2P market development

The phenomenon of randomness in financial markets has been discussed for a long time. The P2P market is not an exception. We tried to figure out whether there are any correlations in the market development or whether its path is random.

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