January resulted in growing investor activity

January marked an increase in registrations and we are slowly approaching a new milestone in the total volume of funded loans.

What happened in January?

UnaPay paused placing new loans

One of the Digido products, UnaPay temporarily stopped the placement of new loans on the platform. All loans will be closed by the end of February. The platform will repay the principal and accrued interest on these loans in a timely manner.

Robocash review from Just P2P

One of our investors Silvère runs a very detailed blog about P2P. In the latest version of the Just-P2P ranking, he rates P2P platforms based on key criteria such as security, solidity, etc. Thank you Silvère for your highly appreciative comments on Robocash!

Market outlook for 2024

Investors continue to build up portfolios

P2P investors positively assessed the results of the past year and intend to expand their portfolios in 2024. Check out other interesting insights from our latest survey.

High rates win

2024 already promises to bring a lot of events for the financial markets, and with it attractive yields for some assets. How investments will behave and what pitfalls may come, read in the review at the link.

Fixed-income assets top the optimal portfolio in 2024

Robocash analysts reviewed 10 portfolio allocation models and settled on three assets that should definitely be there. Read more in a new article.

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