July: quiet month builds new records

With the end of the month, we hurry to update you on the next excellent results of the platform in July.


  • In July, our investors funded loans worth 12.2 M euro, which is a new record for the platform.
  • With 692 new investors joining us in July, we reached the mark of 18 thousand registered users.
  • The investors earned 226 thousand euro, which is 20% more than in June.



  • We shared our vision on the future of alternative assets with Todocrowdlending, one of the leading opinion blogs in Spanish about crowdlending investing. Why are P2P loans a good long-term investment? Can bitcoin replace gold? And what do we forecast for P2P lending in 2022? Read the interview with our analyst Viacheslav Chvoro on the website to find out.
  • We launched a series of articles where we talk about possible ways and strategies for investing on the platform. The first on the list are the strategies to increase profitability, which you can read about here.
  • We have achieved average net deposit growth of 20% within the past six months. You will learn more about these and other results in the upcoming webinar on August 10 at 13:00 CEST. The link to the live stream will be placed on our social networks, website, and in another email prior to the webcast. You can also drop your question in this form.

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