Over 20,000 investors are with Robo.cash

October made us happy with a new milestone: more than 20 thousand investors have already registered on the Robo.cash platform! We really appreciate that you share your financial goals with us. Let's see what other results this autumn brought us.

In October, already more than 800 customers joined Robo.cash, bringing the total number to 20,196*. The average investment is currently 4,034 euros, which is 21% more than at the beginning of the year. In total, investors have earned more than 4.4 M euros.

Investors by countries

For the most part, the total number of customers is growing at the expense of investors from Germany (28%). Spain is in second place with 16%, and Italy closes the top three (6%), displacing Bulgaria, which ranked 3rd in 2020. It is also worth noting that this year the net deposited funds of customers from France, Holland, Great Britain and Estonia has grown especially.

Loyalty program

According to the latest data for September, the number of both Bronze and Silver accounts continues to grow smoothly. The Diamond Group is the leader in terms of funds: there are already 154 investors with an average balance of 41 thousand euros. 

Current statistics show that investors use small sums to get acquainted with the platform and gradually build up their balance. This definitely speaks of the growth of trust in the company. In turn, customers are actively expanding their portfolio to obtain Diamond status because it represents a very favorable combination of profitability and reliability”. - comments Grigorii Shikunov, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Robocash.

Here is a small reminder: if you want to start participating in our Loyalty program, make sure your total portfolio balance is 5,000 euro. In addition to the increased annual rate, you also get various perks depending on your level.

By the way, if you are just at the start of P2P investments, watch our video for beginners on how to prepare for investing

Continue our upward tendency

As of October 28, 2021, the Robo.cash platform has attracted over €33 M of outstanding investments and funded over €316 M worth of loans. 

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*data taken for October 28, 2021


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