returns the volumes

The company's operational results rebound in the second quarter of 2022, returning to February figures. The sustainable platform operation is also supported by an increasing number of investors with large portfolios.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 3 thousand investors have joined the platform. March was marked by a predictable drop, but the number of registrations grew by 28% since and was back to normal in April.

The first quarter of 2022 showed an increase in the average investors’ earnings despite the investors uncertainty in February. In April and May, investors were paid more than 1 M euros.

Also, in April, the platform returned to the average monthly net deposits, taking the necessary measures to keep a positive balance. Thus, over the past two months, the group of investors with a balance of 25-50K has grown by 8%, and of 50K+ by 6%.

We believe that it’s essential to maintain the trust of customers through transparent and open communication. Active interaction with investors in the form of online sessions, as well as the publication of Group reports helped us sustain the platform economy. While still on the way of recovering, we will continue to improve the product quality, taking into account both the needs of investors and the parent holding as a whole.” - comments Dmitry Balakhnin, Strategic Communication Director of Robocash Group.

Robocash d.o.o (“Robocash”) is a company registered in the Republic of Croatia under registration No. 081224371, with legal address at Petračićeva 4, Zagreb, Croatia, 10110.

Robocash is not regulated under any financial services license. When you invest on Robocash, you buy claim rights for loan receivables and investments in loan receivables are subject to risks. We advise diversifying investments and carefully evaluating the risks.