Update on RC Riga Singapore

We continue updating you on the work of platform originators in 2022. RC Riga Singapore started the year confidently, having significantly increased its loan portfolio. 

Here are some key points by the product company

  • 78% of loans funded on the platform are for RC Riga Singapore, 17% more than in Q4 2021.
  • The Group is looking for new products in India and Indonesia that will be in demand by the market and of interest to both borrowers and investors. Thus, there is a possibility of restarting both countries next year.
  • In Vietnam, issued loans in the first five months of 2022 increased by 125% compared to 2021. Registration-to-loan conversion showed a quarterly growth of 77%.

RC Riga SG provides financing to the Group's company operations. Robocash Group is now focusing on penetrating the Philippines market further as the demand is growing fastest in this country. 

“By investing in RC Riga Singapore, Robocash users support implementing various strategic opportunities for the holding. For example, now UnaCash's parent company is diversifying its product line to enter the healthcare space. We see great potential in expanding the consumer lending market beyond just providing personal loans, and we are very pleased that our platform investors are also taking part in this”. - comments Sergey Sedov, CEO of Robocash Group.

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