Introducing a new project from Sri Lanka

We are pleased to introduce a new product on - commercial loans from Sri Lanka! 

The loans will have a term of 3 years and bring a profit of 12.5% annually. Investors will also receive monthly interest payments, which can be then reinvested to generate more profit. 

The company Rapidlend (PVT) LTD was launched by Robocash Group in the second half of 2021. It already employs 22 people, and the amount of issued loans reached 708 000 EUR by the end of February.

The loan originator Rapidlend (PVT) LTD will be working in partnership with RC Riga, which is a special purpose vehicle that provides funding for business development of Robocash Group companies. The loans are secured with a 100% buyback guarantee. All loans issued by RC Riga are secured by the pledge on claim rights of Rapidlend (PVT) LTD towards its debtors.

Please bear in mind that for the current period, the amount of loans from Sri Lanka will be limited. As the company will be developing, we expect the volumes to increase gradually. 

If you are interested in the project, update your portfolio settings to invest in it.

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