Takeaways from Robo.talks Live Webcast of March 11

On March 11, Grigorii Shikunov, the Deputy CFO of Robocash Group, held our regular webcast, where he spoke about the key companies’ figures for 2021 and revealed plans for 2022. He also answered your main questions, devoting a separate part to our statements on the Ukrainian conflict and the business work in the current conditions.


Q4 was marked by record numbers and confidently ended 2021:

  • The net deposits increased by 71% QoQ and reached a record 11.5 M euro
  • Investors earned 1.1 M euros, which is 50% higher than the Q3 results.
  • 2600 investors joined the platform and in October we crossed the mark of 20 thousand.
  • The platform ended Q4 with 50.9 M euros of funded loans and with over 148 M euros made in 2021 in total.

Platform updates:

  • We have updated the procedure for paying monthly interest on loans for a period of 90 days or more. Now your balance is replenished every 30 days.
  • Since November, Robo.cash has had no limit to minimum deposit. Investors can deposit even 1 euro if it's necessary. The minimum amount for investment remains 10 euro.


According to the Group management report, in Q4 the holding made a net profit of USD 12.8 M,  thereby increasing it by 32% YoY. In total, the company surpassed its initial yearly goal of doubling loan disbursements and income, reaching approx. 2.5x growth.

  • The Group ended 2021 with USD 327.9 M of revenue, up 152.6% YoY.
  • The company issued USD 734 M in loans and exceeded the results of 2020 by 128%.
  • The number of registrations increased by 62% compared to 2020.

Financial results for January-February 2022:

  • The beginning of the year sets a good course for growth, generating USD 62 M in revenue.
  • Issuance reached USD 158 M, which improves the Group's loan portfolio in the long term. 


On the Group level, the focus is the optimization of processes in existing businesses.

The platform plans to integrate new products, improve bonus programs and work on the implementation of investment strategies.


Below, you may find the main topics covered during the Q&A session:


How does the situation with the conflict in Ukraine affect us investors?

The conflict in Ukraine will not affect the operation of the platform and the holding as a whole.

The money invested on the Robocash platform is directed to the holding development in Asia and is in no way transferred to or from Russia. Zaymer, representing the Group in Russia, is focused on the domestic market and is not involved in the platform operation. Notably, Zaymer has no borrowings from foreign companies and possesses enough equity to cover all current needs. Additionally, the Group’s business in Asia has no relationship with Russian banks, thus facing no financial risk, connected with the conflict.

At the same time, Robocash Group is ready to quickly take the necessary measures during the current events. 

What is the additive impact of the 3 subsequent crisis (Philippines’ January Typhoon, Kazakhstan unrest and Ukraine conflict) on Robocash? What are the protections in place or action plan?

The three events are in fact isolated, and Robocash platform is not exposed directly to the conflict in Ukraine. Events in the Philippines and Kazakhstan constitute market shocks because they negatively affect the borrowers' ability to service their debts. The operational response to such shock includes tightening risk criteria and focusing on the more financially stable clients. This helps to protect invested capital from increase in non-performing loans.

What happens if Singapore also impose sanctions on Russian. Is the holding structure safe?

The Group is currently present in 9 fast developing markets of operation. All entities are the subsidiaries of Robocash Group registered in Singapore. The founder and the owner of Robocash Group is Sergey Sedov. The Group’s business in Asia has no relationship with Russian banks, thus facing no financial risk connected with the conflict. 

Do you see right now any problems for Robocash due to the sanctions against Russians and Russian companies?

Neither the Robocash platform itself, nor its loan originators (none of which are based in Russia) have any relationships with Russian banks. All related transactions, as well as loan disbursement activities of the companies are done through the respective local banks. Therefore, we assure you that none of the money invested on Robocash is in any way transferred to or from Russia, and is not affected by any political tension and resulting sanctions.

Will robo.cash still be online if Russia disconnects from the global internet?

Such a scenario is unlikely, and we hope that the current situation will not reach such an escalation. We have employees working outside of Russia, and in any case we will stay in touch with investors.

How are people in your company in Russia are doing?

The suspension of services and companies has negative impact on the people, obviously. Many feel frustrated, sad, or angry, because daily life has changed a lot, and it keeps changing with every hour. But still, the biggest concern for most of us is what is happening in Ukraine, and we hope for a speedy diplomatic resolution of the situation. As a company, we provide maximum support to our employees, their families who are affected, and those who found themselves victims of military clashes.

We have arranged donations to the SOS Children’s Village fund in support of children affected by current events, as well as those who find themselves in difficult life situations. In addition to that, we encourage our employees to make personal donations, which Robocash is going to match 100%.

Is there a decapitalization process of Robocash due to the withdrawn amounts? Is my money protected?

At the moment, Robocash liquidity covers all the withdrawals, and we work to keep it this way. Also, the platform activities are backed by the financially strong holding company, which allows us to fulfill all obligations to our investors. Investors' money is safe and protected by two guarantee layers.

What is the Group's exposure to Russian/Ukrainian market (if there is any) and what is the projection for 2022's results after adjusting to current situation

This year we will suspend our expansion and will focus even more on existing businesses - to excel them on an operational level. There are no ongoing interactions between Robocash Group in Singapore and Russian and Ukrainian companies and we do not plan to do it in future.

With a 56% probability, the Russian Federation may declare a technical default on external debts. How will this affect the operation of the group and the platform?

We do not have investments in Russian government securities, so there is no risk in terms of assets. We also do not borrow to finance operations in Russia on foreign markets, so there is no risk in terms of liabilities either.

Currency hedging- pls, comment kzt specially and in general

Currency risks are hedged at the level of loan originators. The platform provides funding to loan originators in euros and gets returns in euros as well.


What is the default rate, the share of overdue loans and the recovery rate in 2021 and in 2022? 

In different markets of the group’s footprint, the default rate depends on the market specifics. At the group level, we measure it using DPD 90+ (90 days past due). Now, we generally maintain it at around 13,3%, which is within the model of the operated business. Throughout 2021, we maintained an average recovery rate of 16%. We will provide data for 2022 at the next review.

At the group level, the average share of overdue loans throughout 2021 was 11.7% FPD 30+. As for the platform, the share of such loans (counted from the first day) amounts to 14.8% now.

What has been the net profit or loss, of the part of the company that guarantees the group guarantee, in 2021? 

The Robo.cash platform operates as a part of Robocash Group, and is backed by its guarantee. 

According to the Group management estimates, in 2021 the company generated a net profit of  31.8 M USD. 


Up to how much you intend to lower the interest rates?

Taking into account current events, we delay the decision to lower the interest rate. The rates adopted on January 10, 2022 continue to apply on the platform. 

The National Bank of Kazakhstan raised the interest rates in February by more than 3.25% which makes it highest since June 2016. Will this affect your overall portfolio and the interest rates (short or long term) offered to investors  as 40% of all loans are issued in kZ? 

Interest rates will likely increase across many asset classes, including bank deposits. We are constantly monitoring the market, and we are ready to follow the trend, namely, raise the rates on the platform, if we see it necessary.


It looks like that withdrawals took longer than usual. Is that a problem connected to your liquidity or why are payouts pending for some days?

We have transferred all transactions to the new 3S Money provider. We are currently undergoing scheduled technical maintenance, which may cause delays in withdrawals. We can assure you that this has nothing to do with the platform liquidity and the current economic situation. These are technical issues and our specialists are working on it. All processes will be completed in the near future and Robocash will again operate as smoothly as before. 

The funds of investors go to a segregated bank account?

Yes, that's right, the money goes to a segregated account.


Why there is not possible to choose amount of money which are excluded from autoinvest (will not be invested by autoinvest)?

If you want only a certain amount of money invested in the portfolio, you can set the slider “Current size of the portfolio” to the desired amount. No amount bigger than indicated there will be invested. Also, please keep in mind that Robo.cash has no manual investment mechanism, so the money you reserved from autoinvest will stay on your balance.

Will it be available in the next future the possibility to purchase only a part of a secondary loan ?

We have not planned any changes to the secondary market system. Still, we are gathering feedback for possible updates in the future. 

For more than an year , I see no Singapore credit that has been late ( in my portfolio)- how is it possible

Сhoosing Singapore, you invest in commercial loans that cannot be overdue.

Could you explain how the risk profile of doing P2P investments in Robo.cash has changed due to current events?

As of now we do not see significant changes in the risk profile of our loans portfolio. On a group level default rate has been fluctuating between 10% and 12% since the end of 2020. In Kazakhstan and the Philippines the default rate is around 14% and 15% respectively. In Spain the default rate has been gradually decreasing from 18% at the beginning of 2021 to 10% in January 2022.


How can we trust robocash?

Since Robo.cash operates within a financial holding Robocash Group, it has an advantage of being backed by other companies in it. We are able to closely monitor their operation and take measures in advance if it is necessary. This allows us to keep fulfilling our commitments to investors, such as making payments on time. This was a normal process before and during the pandemic, and it stays the same now. We proved the resilience to the crisis, which resulted in the growing interest from investors and even greater confidence in the management of the platform, and we will go on following this strategy. 

You can find the presentation for the webcast here. The webcast recording is available on our YouTube channel. 

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