Takeaways from Robo.talks Live Webcast

On August 10, we arranged a new webinar on the Group’s and the platform’s results for H1 2021, hosted by the Deputy CFO of Robocash Group Grigorii Shikunov.

Here is a run-through of the main points that were covered during the meeting.


Q2 showed that the platform is on a smooth course for long-term growth:

  • The number of new customers grew by 37% QoQ and in June we crossed the mark of 17 thousand registered users. 
  • Net deposits increased by 25% and reached a record 2.3 M euro in June.
  • We integrated a new loan originator from the Philippines, UnaPay, introducing the “Salary loans'' and “Buy now, Pay later” services. 
  • We also launched a series of videos on our lenders and presented the Kazakhstan team of MFO Robocash.kz working under the Zaimer brand.

The good quarterly results were also supported by positive feedback from our investors, who rated the platform's service highly in one of the latest surveys.


According to the Group management estimates, in the first 6 months of 2021 the holding obtained a net profit of 14.2 M USD.

  • Revenue for H1 2021 increased by 96% and reached 144.4 M USD.
  • The issued principal amount in H1 2021 exceeded the results of H2 2020 by 78%, and the Group has already fulfilled the plan for the year.
  • The number of Registered customers reached 2.8 M growing by 65% compared to H2 2020.


Below, we are providing a list of main topics discussed during the Q & A session:


Funding through the platform

About 12 to 13% of the group’s loan book is funded through the investment platform. Some lenders are not financed through it at all, as they receive funding from other sources. For the loan originating companies presented on the platform, about 30 to 40% are funded by P2P investors’ money. 

Other sources

Accordingly, the platform’s loan originators get about 60-70% of funding from sources other than European investors. Mostly these are the companies’ own funds, internal assets of the Group or external investment. This year our Russian lender Zaymer has made 2 placements of its bonds on the Moscow exchange in a total amount of almost 11 M USD. In addition, the company is preparing another bond issue for 6,8 M USD. Also, the Group debuted in Singapore with a 5 M USD bond placement. 


We secure all loans on Robo.cash with a 100%-buyback guarantee, which comes into effect on day 30 after delay or extension by the borrower. In this case, we pay back the invested amount and the interest both for the loan term and buyback period. 

In case one of the companies of Robocash Group has to wind down, we have the so-called Group Guarantee. We maintain obligations of creditors through direct participation in capital and closely monitor their financial flows, thereby protecting investors' funds from possible threats. Thanks to these regulations, there has never been a single default loan on the platform, and all investors have always got their money back.


Interest rates

On the platform, we strive for the perfect balance between high income and low risks, constantly monitoring the current situation in the European P2P lending market. We do not plan to change interest rates in the near future, but we do not exclude such a possibility. As a reminder, together with our loyalty program, investors can boost the maximum return on the platform up to 13.3%.

Graphics in the Personal account 

We plan to update the personal account design, compiling the best practices from the market and user experience. The new investor’s profile will have account statistics represented graphically, as well as other improvements such as portfolio analysis broken down by lenders, loan terms and monthly income in euros. The new design is expected to be released by the end of the year.


The bonds placed in Singapore are available for purchase to institutional and accredited investors only. If you are interested in this opportunity, please check the list of requirements to see if you are eligible. In Russia, the bonds are placed in rubles, and the return is about 13%. Non-residents of Russia can invest in them as long as they are accredited too.

You can find the presentation for the webcast here. The webcast recording is available on our YouTube channel

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