Performance of our loan originators in Q3 2021

Today, we are updating you on the results of loan originators in Q3 2021.

UnaPay, the Philippines

UnaPay continues to maintain focus on product development and has been steadily increasing revenue since the beginning of the year. Thus, the company managed to:

  • grow the issued principal in Q3 2021 by 270% compared to Q2.
  • increase the number of registrations in Q3 by 74%.

RC Riga Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan originator demonstrated strong growth in key indicators, confirming its leading position in the market: 

  • The issued principal achieved 29% QoQ growth.
  • The number of loans issued showed 4% QoQ growth.

The average Kazakhstani loan applicant is 32 years old. 45% of potential borrowers are women., Spain

In 2021, Spain introduced a new product - the first loan for free - and reduced rates for repeat customers. At the moment, the product changes are undergoing a unit economy testing period, which at an intermediate stage shows successful results both for clients and for the company’s profit. Thus:

  • the customer return rate at the end of September reached 91.1%, which is 8% higher than at the end of Q2. 
  • the average loan amount was 265 euros.

Сurrently the average age of loan applicants is 37 years old, 61% are men. 

RC Riga Singapore

The Singapore loan originator is raising funds for the development of the Robocash Group's business in Asia. Currently, 61% of loans funded on the platform are for Singapore. Below are some results by product country.

In Q3, Indonesia managed to:

  • increase the number of registrations by 69% compared to Q2.
  • issue 36% more new loans than in the previous quarter.

In Vietnam: 

  • the number of registrations in Q3 increased by 29% compared to Q2.
  • the issued principal achieved 26% QoQ growth.

Vietnamese loan applicants come in at an average of 29 years old, while 71% of them are men.

Due to the pandemic, India's volumes have decreased this year, but sales have resumed since mid-June. Thus, in Q3 of 2021, the lender issued 77% more loans than in the previous quarter.

Sri Lanka launch

In August, Robocash Group entered the consumer lending market in Sri Lanka with its new online service, providing instant financial access. By offering global innovative solutions to the consumer lending market in Asia, the Group aims to facilitate financial inclusion for more than 6 million underbanked, the number of which has increased as a result of the pandemic.

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