P2P investors are most active in spring

According to the recent report by Robo.cash, the volume of loans funded on European P2P lending platforms typically sees a steady rise in spring. Summer, autumn and winter show slower growth, with spikes of activity in October and January.

The researchers have identified several market-wide seasonal patterns in the P2P lending market. The data was obtained by calculating the monthly growth rate of loans funded through the European platforms in the past 2 years.

Spring is the period of positive consistency, with the average monthly growth rate of 7.3% in volumes of P2P lending. This, however, is followed by a lengthy off-peak period during summer, when monthly funding volumes increase by only 2.5% on average. Continuing into autumn, the market sees an average monthly growth rate of 3.7%. The quiet period resumes afterwards and lasts until the end of the year, with the slowest rate  in winter (1.6%). 

The analysts of Robo.cash comment on the findings: “The seasonal trends in P2P lending largely correlate with different periods of investor activity. Summertime is typically reserved for rest, which is why we observe less loans funded during the period. The following slowdown in autumn can be attributed to holiday preparations and related expenses that take priority over on-going investments. The growth rate shows a consistent rise in spring, when investors resume their activity after Christmas and New Year holidays”.

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