November: a beginning of something grand?

November was a month of impressive results for us at, and we invite you to share the joy with us!

  • Last month, our investors set a new record funding loans worth € 9.2 mln! This is 34% more than in October. 
  • 293 people started investing and earning with, 47% more than in the previous month.
  • Since 2017 when the platform was launched, our investors have earned € 2.4 mln. €295 thousand of them were earned last month only, which is an all-time record for the platform. A large part of it were the first-time payments for longer-term loans.


What happened in November?

November was also time for a number of activities and good news. Let us quickly recap what happened.

  • Robocash Group presented its results for the 9 months of 2020. Our parent holding made 16.2 mln USD of profit, issued loans worth 217.3 mln USD and hit a new record of 72% of customer return. In 2021, we only aim to grow further, conquering new markets like Sri Lanka and getting the best valuation for the IPO.
  • We opened new opportunities for legal entities at Now, companies can also invest up to € 180,000 a year and earn more!
  • First payments for Singaporean and Vietnamese longer-term loans were made at the beginning of the month. Now investors have an opportunity to reinvest the accrued interest earlier and earn more!
  • The Christmas cashback campaign began, and we are happy to see our investors’ enthusiasm about it. You still have a chance to participate by depositing and investing funds - the more you deposit, the bigger present you receive on December 24! You can read more about the cashback on the website

For a long time, was attracting limited funds depending on the needs of Robocash Group. Now, together with the holding, we are growing at an accelerated pace on the way to becoming a top-tier platform delivering the best services at the most favourable conditions for P2P investors. This November was obviously just the first step into a new phase of something huge.

The growth is undoubtedly impossible without our investors, so let us personally thank you for choosing Your support keeps us working to provide the best service and stable profits for existing and new investors.

Robocash d.o.o (“Robocash”) is a company registered in the Republic of Croatia under registration No. 081224371, with legal address at Petračiceva 4, Zagreb, Croatia, 10110.

Robocash is not regulated under any financial services license. When you invest on Robocash, you buy claim rights for loan receivables and investments in loan receivables are subject to risks. We advise diversifying investments and carefully evaluating the risks.