Christmas cashback campaign is on!

Use the opportunity to earn more with and make yourself a little present for Christmas.

As Christmas is on its way, we are glad to announce the start of a cashback campaign. Invest with, and let your funds work bringing you additional 1% of cashback!

All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Deposit and invest money on from November 24 to December 10. 
  2. Do not make withdrawals from December 11 to December 23.
  3. On December 24, get a 1% cashback on the amount you invested in the first step!

Please keep in mind that if you withdraw funds between December 11 and December 23, no cashback is awarded. To get the earned cashback, we advise you to visit the Invest page to make sure you do not have the “Payout” option enabled for any of your portfolios. The bonus is calculated from the positive difference between your Investor’s balance on December 10 and November 24. 

Let us quickly show you how it works:

Investor Nick deposits 1,000 Euros on on November 27. On November 30, he withdraws 1,500 Euros, but on December 7, he invests 4,000 Euros. From December 11 to December 23, Nick does not withdraw funds, so on December 24 he receives 35 Euros of bonus (1,000-1,500+4,000 = 3,500). 

Earn more with and enjoy the bonus for Christmas!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at


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