The fourth auto investment type

There is the fourth type of the automated investments which has become available for investors of the platform. The realized function supports reinvesting of the principal amount with a simultaneous withdrawal of earned interests. The new strategy is designed to provide investors of the European ‘peer-to-portfolio’ platform with a wider range of possibilities within the automated investments.

At believe that the opportunity to withdraw earned interests and reinvest the principal funds further will be greatly appreciated by investors. The platform already had three types of investments strategies and an investor could choose whether to reinvest the full amount, keep assets at a portfolio balance or withdraw them from the site. With the implemented function earned interests will be automatically withdrawn to an investor’s balance what serves as a great tool to manage money far more freely and saves more time than ever before.

Earlier, in order to withdraw interests, it was needed to withdraw the full amount. In most cases it took investor's time to visit the platform and divide the amount. Now it can be done in an automated mode, so an investor is able to reinvest the principal amount only and take earned interests away.

As automated investments are growing widespread on the global P2P lending market and investors are getting more experienced, there comes an obvious necessity to improve the investment process and make it even more flexible. Additionally, different investors might prefer different investment strategies. From that point of view, it is vital to provide investors with sufficient opportunities, so the new feature meets the needs greatly,” — commented Sergey Sedov, the Founder and Chief Executive of

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