The European P2P investors prefer automated investments

According to the survey of the P2P investors which was conducted by the platform, investors stick to the automated investment process. First of all, this can be explained by its simplicity for users and intention of investors to save time and keep money at work.

The Analytical center of the investment platform conducted an independent survey of the P2P investors from 15 countries of the European Union. Respondents were provided with a possibility to choose multiple options. Following the results, there is a list of the top features usually provided by different online platforms.

Automated investments take the first place with 79% of responses. It is followed by the buyback guarantee (74%) serving to provide safety of investments and the automated reinvest (72%) which allow to keep money at constant work.

In order to be sure of investments safety when choosing a platform to allocate funds, investors try to figure out the reliability of platforms having a look at their statistics pages on the website and studying feedback of other investors about the lenders on different P2P forums and information in the media.

To sum up, according to the study of, being primarily concerned about the funds safety, investors prefer simple and comprehensive solutions. In that sense, automated investments meet the demand by implying a whole range of different options and features designed to provide better safety of funds and save time of investors.

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