FAQ. Portfolio settings

If you have questions, you will find answers to some of them in this section. The answers have been provided by our managers with extensive experience in the market and great expertise in the area. We hope that you will benefit from their advice and comments.
Where does my money go when the loans are closed?
“Balance” serves to withdraw money from the portfolio balance to the investor balance.
“Payout” is the automatic withdrawal of money (invested money+interests) straight to your bank account when you have no less than 50 EUR on the portfolio balance.
“Reinvest” allows you to reinvest money automatically in order to keep it always at work and earn more.
How does the "Minimum and maximum investment to a loan" slider work?
This slider helps you determine the amount of money you would like to invest in a loan.
How does the "Period of repayment range" slider work?
By moving the "Period of repayment range" slider, which means the loan period, you can choose to invest in short-term loans (from 7 to 30 days), or in long-term loans (from 31 to 720 days).
What does the function “Invest partly” do?
"Invest partly" allows several investors to invest funds in one loan instead of several loans, and share risks between each other. Thus, it allows to purchase only a part of a loan, in order not to wait for loans of a particular amount.
How does the function “Auto-deposit” work?
You can make your funds automatically go to one of your portfolios when you top up your balance. To do so, choose a portfolio, go to the settings and tick “Auto-deposit” for this portfolio. Please note that this option cannot be enabled for multiple portfolios at once.
Is early exit available on the platform?
For higher liquidity, you can either invest in short-term loans, or use the secondary market for longer-term ones.
How can I sell loans on the secondary market?
You can sell any loan on Robo.cash secondary market, as long as it is not overdue. Go to the page “My investments” to see all your loans. Tick the loans that you wish to sell manually, or set up the necessary filters and click on the first checkbox in the first column to check all loans on the list. After this, you will see the total worth of the loans you wish to sell and the button “Sell” at the bottom of the page. Click on the button to sell the loans and confirm your action. Normally, the loans are sold within 1 week.
How can I cancel selling loans on the secondary market?
Go to the page “My investments” and find the loan you wish to stop selling. The loans that are currently put on the secondary market have a red cross next to them. When you click on this cross and confirm your action, the loan will be taken off the secondary market, so other investors will not be able to buy it.
How can I buy loans from the secondary market?
Tick the checkbox “Accept secondary market” in your portfolio settings. The loans matching your settings will be picked from the secondary market automatically.
What will happen if the portfolio is deleted?
When the portfolio is deleted, invested money+interest from the closed loans of this portfolio will go to your investor's balance, so you will have a possibility to manually transfer funds from your investor's balance to your active portfolio balance or withdraw them to your bank account. After all loans in the deleted portfolio are closed, and all money is on the investor's balance, the empty portfolio will disappear from your summary page.
What will happen if the portfolio is deactivated?
In case you deactivate your portfolio, the "Payout" option is chosen automatically. The "Payout" option generates withdrawal sums (invested money+interest) after loans are closed, and when their amount reaches 50 EUR, it is automatically withdrawn to your bank account. You can always check the details of your withdrawals by clicking the "Withdraw funds" button on your summary page. You can also cancel your pending withdrawals before they are withdrawn to your bank account. When you cancel your pending withdrawals, your money will go to your investor's balance and you will have a possibility to manually invest it in your portfolio.