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How can I withdraw money from my account?

You can withdraw money manually only from your Investor's balance.

If you have uninvested funds in your portfolio, open the settings and pull the "Current size of the portfolio" slider to the left until the sum in portfolio reaches the amount you want, and the rest of the money will be sent to your balance. Then click the "Save settings" button. After that, your funds will appear on your investor's balance, and you will have the possibility to withdraw them by clicking the "Withdraw funds" button.

If all your funds are already invested, you need to sell some loans first. Read about selling loans on the secondary market here.

Another option is to choose the Payout income option for your portfolio so your income is sent to your bank account automatically – read more about it in this entry.

You can watch our short video tutorial on how to withdraw money from Robocash. 

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