Investing in implementing liquidity solutions

We continue our series of articles on investment approaches. Today we are talking about the liquidity strategy.

Liquidity is one of the significant factors that make assets attractive to investors. The ability to return funds quickly has become especially important during the pandemic. High portfolio liquidity means flexibility in investment tactics, profitability and personal financial stability.

Investments in can be highly liquid. And here’s why.

Let's say you put € 10,000 in short-term loans from Spain and reinvest this amount throughout a year. In the end, your income will be up to 1,050 euros*. Compared to other ways, in your wallet it would depreciate by 0.25% due to inflation (inflation according to data for 2020), and a bank deposit, in turn, would bring you only 19 euros of income instead of 1,050 (the annual rate on deposits for a period of less than a year is 0.19%). In addition to higher income, investing in loans is also a liquid asset, as you could stop investing and withdraw your money in a matter of several days.

Alternatively, you could opt for long-term loans. There is also relatively high liquidity on loans from the Philippines as well as commercial loans by RC Riga, where you can invest from 30 days to 2 years. 

But how can a loan be liquid when it's two years in term? Any loan you invest in, both short-term and long-term, can be sold in the secondary market, where investors meet to buy or sell them. On average, on, 95% of such loans wait in the wings for less than a week. 

Today we have shown that investments in can be not only profitable, but also highly liquid. In any case, the final choice of investment strategies will be made with your specific financial objectives and criteria in mind. Follow our news to learn more about investment strategies with us.

*The calculation in the example was made without considering any bonus offers. As a reminder, with an investment of 5,000 euros or more, you can participate in the Loyalty Programme, which increases your interest rate. Learn more about the programme here

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