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We are always happy to meet our investors in real life and exchange investment experiences. In September, we hosted Lars Wrobbel, a financial blogger and entrepreneur, who came to the very center of Siberia to get acquainted with the Robocash team. 
In an interview to the platform, Lars shared his impressions of Russia, preferences in the assets and what does the work of a blogger look like.

Hey Lars! When you arrived in Russia, did you expect bears walking on the streets, and people drinking vodka and playing balalaikas?

No, I am an experienced traveller, so I was aware that you have fire & also fresh water already ;) I would say what I saw until now was somehow expected except for the really warm temperatures the first days. 

Let’s talk about your work a little. How do you balance your life and blogging?

It’s not just blogging. My main business is on Amazon, so I have to balance more and,of course, I also have a family and a son. Balance and planning is one of my best skills, so I have no problem with that. The secret is to plan everything at least a week beforehand. So I plan my week from Sunday till next Sunday and try to estimate my time & appointments as best as I can. Because failing to plan is planning to fail ;) 

Regarding plans, tell us about your investment path.

I started around 2007 & switched my money between different saving accounts. After a bank  went bankrupt with my money in Iceland, I learned more about ETFs and spread my money with that instrument over the whole world. Afterward I gained more and more knowledge about different asset classes and expanded my portfolio step by step. 

What instruments do you invest in and why?

I invest mainly in the stock market because it’s the most regulated & predictable market for me and I use ETFs & Single Shares. Other than that, P2P & Crypto. P2P because of the Cashflow, Crypto because of the high volatility ;)

Does a company's rating matter to investors?

Yes! But not the Moody or other ones, if that's what you mean. But the ones from investors or influencers like me. For example, I developed my own rating for P2P platforms. Robocash is quite good here ;)

That’s good to know! :) In your opinion, how much passive income is needed for a comfortable life?

It depends on your living cost. For me, it’s not that much. My base of cost in Germany is around 1,5k euro. For a comfortable life 2 - 2,5k is enough for me. I think in Russia it could be much less. The rule for a happy life is quite simple: 1. Earn as much money as you can! 2. Invest as much money as you can! 3. Do not buy trashy ( note: the author's word has been replaced with a more neutral one :)) & expensive things that will not make you happy in the long run ;)

Thank you very much for such an honest and enjoyable interview, Lars! We will be glad to see you back in Siberia and in

You can find out more about Lars' P2P experience in his blog. In the meantime, watch the video where Lars talks about his travels and investments.


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