Mature P2P platforms to recover more than 9% above average


During the market recovery after COVID-19 outbreak, European P2P platforms that emerged by 2017 have rebounded at above-market growth rate. The calm upward trend is supported by a 2% increase in monthly financed loans in 2021. 

To assess the growth rate of P2P platforms, Robocash analysts studied 43 platforms that are present in 16 European countries and operating mainly in the consumer and business segments. .

The funding volume on platforms of Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Ireland and Croatia has grown by an average of 16% over the past year*. What these P2P players have in common is that, on average, they fund loans of 3 to 14 M euro per month and have a long track record.

The Polish platforms passed the coronavirus period most easily, with a maximum drop of 11% in the acute period . “This trend could be explained by the low market presence. On the one hand, it reduces the risks of a sharp downturn, but on the other hand, it also limits growth opportunities”. - comment on the situation analysts. 

A sharp decline and high growth after the main wave of the coronavirus was observed by the Belgian platforms. “It is possible that such dynamics happened due to the small volumes and high volatility of these platforms. - add specialists. "These platforms easily react to any positive or negative trend in the market, because of which panic could have a strong impact. However, the volumes would return to the previous level as the market recovers".

In general, the influence of the registration locality on the activities of the P2P platform itself is low. In part, this can be expressed in the population characteristics, if the platform operates directly within the country and issues loans to its citizens or businesses. 

Regardless of where the platform belongs geographically, the market is largely driven by general trends. However it is very likely that the P2P platforms of the countries noted above will continue to develop at an outstripping pace. Thus, in August 2021, volumes increased by 139% compared to August 2020, representing the Croatian market trend,, which is higher than 63% of European P2P platforms", - the analysts summarize.

* for the year, the period from August 2020 to August 2021 is taken

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