European P2P investors shift focus to diversification

The analysts of the European investment platform say that the volume of investment in long-term loans on the platform is 21% higher than the investment in short-term. Meanwhile, 32% of customers diversify their portfolio by investing in an extended range of loans.

The share of investors who consider short-term loans (from 7 to 60 days) as a full-fledged strategy is slowly decreasing and currently stands at 14%. “Such changes indicate a trend towards investing in a wide range of loans. The majority of investors (32%) choose the strategy of maximum diversification and include all available types of loans on the platform to their portfolios. Therefore, it is too early to talk about the decrease in the share of those who prefer only short-term loans”, the analysts of comment on the statistics. 

34% of customers include long-term loans in their portfolio (from 6 months to 2 years). Notably, those who already invest in loans of six months or more generally choose loans for a longer period of two years. However, only 1% of investors choose merely the loans of the period from one to two years as an investment strategy.

Long-term loans are considered by proficient investors primarily as a tool to expand the portfolio”, add the specialists. “In a way, it is also an indicator of the growing trust in the platform. Along with the gaining popularity of the reinvestment strategy, this shows the consolidation of the P2P market in general, despite the difficult economic situation last year”.

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