Looking back at the European P2P market in 2021

0,5 billion euros of investments in a single month. Sounds impressive, right? This is the volume of funded loans on 42 European platforms in November 2021, which is a record number for the entire year. What else is 2021 memorable for in the P2P market? Let's briefly recap.

Upward trend

From January to November 2021, all the European platforms funded 4.3 billion euro in loans. The average monthly growth rate of the financed loans volume was 5%. The relatively calm months from July to September 2021 accumulated investor demand, which intensified towards the end of the year. In total, 2021 showed that the seasonality factor of the previous years was preserved.


The COVID-19 impact 

During the market recovery after COVID-19, European P2P platforms with a long track record have rebounded at a faster than market pace. So far, a full recovery has not happened, but taking into account the current trend, we will be able to observe a gradual growth of the P2P market in 2022.


Transparency at the forefront

The most reliable platforms focused on transparency especially after the news about the scams in the Baltics. A number of companies continued to maintain openness of communication with investors: they took steps to obtain a license, regularly held online meetings and published reports. 

In our series of webcasts, we continued to talk about the platform and Group results, as well as answer your questions of concern. Also in the new year, we will continue to publish our loan originators reports quarterly and post audited financial statements.


Investors’ experience in P2P

Despite certain investment risks in modern conditions, most investors assessed their current P2P experience positively. The share of their P2P portfolio in 2021 more than doubled (26% of respondents) or rose by up to two times (36%). Such results were shown by the latest survey conducted among Robocash investors. Only 4% of customers reduced their portfolio by more than half, and 8% - less than two times. As for the future forecasts, the majority of respondents agreed that the market will grow next year moderately (47%) or actively (26%).

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