34% of P2P investors expand their portfolios for passive income

Passive income remains the number-one goal among European P2P investors. By giving preference to shares, they diversify their investments with a wide range of instruments, which indicates their high degree of financial literacy.

According to the results of the latest survey conducted by the Robocash platform, P2P investments, among other instruments, rank third in the investor portfolios (19.5%). The respondents pay more attention to shares (26%) and ETFs (25%). 

Interestingly, the cryptocurrency, which caused a particular surge of interest last year, ranks sixth among other assets. According to a July survey by Robocash, two-thirds of P2P investors had it in their portfolio.

Although the majority of respondents still prefer passive savings, a significant 28% choose diversification as their main motive for choosing P2P investments. High returns are in third place, respectively (20%). 

"Fairly confident portfolio diversification indicates significant customer investment experience. This is expressed both in the inclusion of various types of assets in investor portfolios, and in the choice of different strategies within one of the instruments. For example, only 15% of Robocash customers invest just in short-term loans. At the same time, when choosing a specific P2P platform, investors are guided by various factors, which also indicates a quite deep understanding of what is happening in the industry”. - comment Robocash analysts. 

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