Every fifth P2P investor in Europe works in the IT

20% of P2P investors have a job in the IT & Digital industries. At the same time, the share of customers with minimal income has decreased to make way for “richer” investors with bigger average earnings. These are the results of a recent survey conducted by the Robo.cash platform.

Full-time employees continue to be the main occupation for the European P2P investors (76.5%), which retains the trend of the last two years.

“Apparently this audience is attracted by the chance to diversify their earnings. They have certain savings but do not have a large amount of free time,” - the analysts of the Robocash platform comment on statistics.

On the other hand, there is an increase in the monthly income of the respondents. Thus, the share of investors with a minimum income has significantly declined in favor of the dominant segment of 2-5 thousand euros.

“Investors' seriousness" is becoming more pronounced in the financial context.” - the specialists add.  “The fact that the work of the majority of Robocash customers is connected with digital technologies could become the reason for their subsequent practical immersion in the world of fintech and thus expanding their investment portfolio. This is also confirmed by the fact that, compared to the survey for 2020, the share of those who invest in P2P at the level of 10 thousand euros and above increased by 5% in 2021.”

The survey was conducted by Robo.cash in December, and was attended by 400 P2P investors from 22 European countries.

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