1 year of the program “Refer-a-friend”

A year has passed since we relaunched the “Refer-a-friend” program. Still thinking about participating in the program? Rather join those who are already with us!

Over the entire period of the program, almost 3,000 investors have joined Robocash, which is 14% of all the registered investors on the platform. Those who took advantage of the campaign have already earned more than 124 000 euros. 

If you are halfway to subscribing to the program, we will remind you how to do it quickly.

First, find the Refer a Friend section in your account. Copy and share your referral code or individual referral link with a friend via email, messengers or social media. Once your friends sign up, they have 30 days to start investing in Robo.cash. 

On the 31st day after registration, your friend will receive a welcome bonus of 1% of the deposited amount, and you will get a referral bonus based on your friend's minimum outstanding investment balance.

Invite your friends to join the Robocash community and give both, your friend and yourself, a reward for future investment.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at [email protected].


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