First deposits of P2P investors increased significantly in June

Statistics of the P2P lending platform show that the size of the first deposit made by its investors increased sharply in June this year. According to the data, the average first amount, which users added to the platform last month, was 909. This number significantly exceeds the pre-crisis figures.

Since the launch of in 2017, the first deposit of investors grew from year to year. Thus, in 2017, its average amount was 604, in 2018 - 658 and in 2019 - 772.

At the beginning of 2020, it stayed almost on the same level, equaling  730 in January and 714 in February. Yet, with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and rising cautiousness of investors, in March and April, it dropped to 571 and 559 respectively. In May, the average first deposit of users started growing again and in June, it reached 909. This sum significantly exceeds the pre-crisis levels.

The starting trend is confirmed by statistics of the platform in July as well. During the first week of the month, investors of who just started investing on the platform, added on average 968.

Analysts of the company comment on the statistics: “An increase in the average first deposit in June and July can be due to several factors. First, investor sentiment generally improves, as the spread of coronavirus in individual countries of the world slows down, and some regions, including Europe, lift lockdown restrictions. Secondly, during the pandemic, P2P lending platforms had the opportunity to prove their reliability and gain the trust of both existing and new investors. Finally, since the start of the outbreak, many alternative lending platforms improved their investment offers and introduced additional bonuses for users. P2P investors who retain confidence in this segment seek to seize the opportunity and take advantage of attractive conditions on time.”

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