New interest rates up to 12.7% and updated secondary market!

We are glad to introduce a new product line with rates ranging from 11% to 12.7%! Another piece of news is that the secondary market will change its conditions since April 16, 2021. 

Entering our fifth year of operation, we at are moving forward to be the ultimate investment platform in Europe. Today, we are glad to introduce a new product line that will help you diversify your funds and earn up to 12.7% per annum. Thus, loans up to 29 days in term will now come with the interest rate of 11%. Loans of 30 to 179 days will bring 12% profit, and longer-term loans are now more profitable: you can earn 12.3, 12.5 or 12.7% investing in loans with terms of 180, 365 and 720 days accordingly.

The new product terms and rates are now applied for all loans from all loan originators on Please remember to adjust your portfolio settings to get your funds invested properly.

Also, we are glad to announce several changes on our secondary market starting April 16, 2021.

  • Our investors have been asking to lift the restriction of selling loans on the secondary market only after 180 days of owning them - and we are making it possible! Soon, you will be able to sell any loan of any term on the secondary market to other investors. This will bring you the opportunity to make your portfolio more flexible and better-adjusted to your investment goal.
  • The secondary market will now become an intermediary zone between the seller and the buyer of a loan, while the platform will cease its obligation to repurchase the loan after 14 days of its presence on the secondary market.  
  • The secondary market remains free of any charges for investors of 

Please note that due to the updated mechanisms of the secondary market, changes have been made to User Agreement, which will enter into force in 60 days after they are posted on right next to the existing User Agreement

Make your portfolio on generate decent profits at the pace convenient for you!

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