investors earn €2 mln

The European P2P lending platform has reached a new milestone: since 2017, its investors have earned over €2 mln. In total, the platform has attracted 11,841 investors who have funded over €185 million worth of loans.

In 2020 alone, investors of the platform earned €429 thousand. As for profitability of each loan originator on this year, the highest income was generated by the Spanish and Singaporean companies. Investing in these loans, users of the platform earned €147 thousand and €100 thousand respectively. Loans from Vietnam and Kazakhstan have generated over €90 thousand of profit each.

Despite the crisis this year, users continued investing and making income. While the beginning of the year was challenging, in Q3 2020 the volume of loans funded through the platform grew by 60%, and the amount of deposits gained 86% compared to the previous quarter. 

Sergey Sedov, CEO and Founder of, comments: “We see that investors’ interest and confidence in P2P lending are increasing again, and the segment is on the way to recovery. Earlier in June, we predicted that  the European market would resume its growth in summer. According to the statistics, in Q3 2020 the amount of loans funded through the local P2P lending platforms indeed gained 34% in comparison to Q2, confirming this forecast. The statistics of also coincides with this trend. Seeing such a tendency, we are confident that the industry will continue growing this year.”

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